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Starbound 2周年

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    Starbound’s 2 Year Anniversary!
    SB 2周年


    Hi everyone!

    Today is a special day for the team here, as it marks Starbound’s (official) 2 Year Anniversary since 1.0 and the game’s full release on Steam.
    今天对我们来说是个特别的日子,这是SB 1.0官方发布(steam)2周年的日子

    Since then we’ve had a few major updates (woo Mechs!) and are looking ahead to the future of Starbound, including the upcoming Xbox One release. It’s coming along really well, and is currently in the final QA process after the team has made a few performance fixes, and all being well the next step will be sending off for Microsoft certification before it’s ready to go live! We’ll keep you posted once we’re 99.9% sure on an exact launch date.
    之后我们也发布了几个重要更新(噢机甲!),同时也仍在规划SB的未来,包括即将到来的Xbox One版。它目前进度良好,在优化了性能之后,已经到了最后的QA阶段,一切顺利的话下一步就是送往MS进行认证然后就能上线了!当我们99.9%确定了发布日期的时候我们会通知你们的。

    But special occasions like this are also a great time to look back on the game’s development, launch and amazing community response! A few developers have offered to share some stories, thoughts, and memories about Starbound for this anniversary!

    Jay (SamuriFerret):

    Starbound is a big game and I’ve had a hand in various aspects of it (I hope you liked my mech designs!) but my favourite thing to develop is bosses! I designed and animated a lot of the bosses in Starbound, and closest to my heart is Asra Nox. I managed to find pictures of my earliest sketches of the then-called “cultist boss”.
    SB是个大游戏,我在很多方面都插了一手(我希望你们喜欢我的机甲设计!)但我最喜欢的部分是设计boss们!我设计并为很多boss制作了动画,我最满意的是阿斯拉 诺克斯(Asra Nox)。我设法找到了我最早的素描,后来成为了“邪教boss”

    At first Nox was designed simply to be a classic “mirror boss” where you fight against an opponent who has similar abilities to the player, but Nox ended up evolving into one of my favourite Starbound characters. I’ve seen some fantastic fan art of her! It would be nice to one day come back to her story.

    Credit to gaiachthonia via Tumblr

    Speaking of Nox, I’ve also had a ton of fun recently watching PeanutButterGamer’s Starbound HC playthrough. The true villain of Starbound is actually fall damage.

    Adam (Supernorn):

    I joined the Starbound team as an artist soon after the game went into early access, up until its successful launch in 2016. We were a very small team making a very big game, and it required us all to wear many different hats!

    Some of my favourite work on the project was getting to design the planet parallax backgrounds, the Novakid spaceship and animating the wacky stores at the Outpost, such as Penguin Pete, Treasured Trophies and the Tech Lab.
    我喜欢的一些工作有,设计星球背景,星之子飞船以及给古怪的前哨站故事做动画,比如企鹅皮特(Penguin Pete),Treasured Trophies(译注:前哨站卖希奇物的地方),科技实验室。

    For most people on the team this was our first experience making a game, with the added challenge of people playing it as we pushed, pulled, tugged and twisted it into position. I’m very thankful for all of you who came along on that ride with us!

    Starbound is a great game that I’m proud to have been a small part of. I’m very excited to see the game continue to grow and evolve, and that’s all thanks to its dedicated community.

    Harriet (Nixling):
    (译注: Project Coordinator项目协调)

    I joined the team fairly late in Starbounds development and was put to work helping write the enormous amount of comments from the races. The ones who needed the most were the Novakid, so naturally I have to declare them my favourite after working on them so much! My main memory of that time is thinking of how to describe flowers in different ways to fit each race, on the chance that someone chose to inspect said flowers!  Also the fun of learning how to write like a cowboy for the Novakid very quickly. This fanart below from Astral-Requin on DevianArt is one of my absolute favourites! :
    我加入团队时SB开发已经到了比较后期,我帮忙写一些物品的种族描述。(译者:什么,是你?)最多的时星之子的,耗费了我这么多时间,因此自然地我认为它是我最喜欢的部分!那段时间里我的主要记忆是为不同种族想描述花的方法,玩家很有可能会去检查那些花。快速学习如何像牛仔(星之子)那样说话也是很有趣的。下面这张粉丝创作是我最喜欢的,来自DevianArt上的 Astral-Requin

    Credit to Astral-Requin via DeviantArt
    由DevianArt上的 Astral-Requin创作

    William (Healthire):

    I first got involved with Starbound through modding shortly after early access release in 2013. After having my turret mod included the game, and working with Alex (metadept) on the collaborative Starfoundry mod, I joined the chucklefish team in late 2014. In the nearly two years leading up to 1.0 I worked on a lot of monster and NPC AI, scripting bosses, weapons, missions, fossils, arcade games, and quests.
    我最初是在SB刚刚EA的2013年通过mod加入到SB中的。在我的炮塔mod被加入到游戏,并与Alex (metadept) (译注:另一个程序员,已离职。应该是被玩梗狂魔molly拐走了(雾))一道开发自动化mod,之后在2014年晚些时候加入了呵呵鱼的团队。在为1.0努力的近2年中,我在怪/NPC AI、boss脚本、武器、任务、化石、街机游戏上做了许多工作。

    Some of my favorite work was designing the procedurally generated boss encounters of the 1.2 vaults. Here’s a glimpse of what things sometimes look like in the middle of development.


    Stephen (Armagon):
    (译注:Technical Designer,技术设计)

    It was an absolute privilege to get involved with Starbound so early in the project’s life, and to have stuck it out with Chucklefish to this very day. The game ended up touching almost every aspect of my life in some way or another, whether that was through the people I met along the way, the place I now call home, and the fact I’ve comfortably settled into a career I’d long-assumed was out of my reach. I’ve been pushed to learn new skills day after day, year after year, and I can’t imagine who I would be today had I not been invited to be a part of such an amazing project.

    One of my favourite memories, even today, was from April Fool’s day before Starbound had even gone early access. I ended up replacing all the game’s weapon sound effects with mouth sounds I recorded, and I then inserted them into the build that everyone else would be using that day. It didn’t take long before our project chat was filled with surprise and laughter. I ended up capturing these stupid sounds all on video to preserve this silly joke.
    我最喜欢的记忆,即便到了现在,都是SB EA之前的愚人节。我把游戏里所有的武器音效换成了我用嘴发出的声音,然后塞到了其他人会用到的build里面。很快大家的闲聊中就充满了惊喜与欢笑。最后我把这些愚蠢的声音都录到了视频里,来保存这个玩笑。


    My absolute favourite piece of Starbound fan art to date is this movie poster from PiNe11298 whose lovely piece has served as my wallpaper on my phone for almost a year now. :3

    Credit to pine11298 via Reddit

    Tom (tccoxon):

    I came to the team fairly late in development, but I was lucky enough to still get to work on lots of cool little features. Some of the most fun features were the colonies, procedural quests and crew members.

    My favorite memory of Starbound happened when I was working on NPC reactions. NPCs are able to interact with other nearby NPCs. They each take turns to play random animations, influenced by previous animations and the NPCs’ individual personalities. What I didn’t immediately realise was that there were not enough programmed reactions in some cases, and they could get stuck in a loop… Such as when Reddit reported that all their villagers were constantly vomiting over each other.

    Tom (katzeus):


    I’m one of a few people involved with Starbound who started as a fan! I took a deep dive and started what later became the Starbound wiki as a personal project to organize information about this game I was excited about – the first few months the wiki was online I didn’t even share it, it was just a wiki for myself haha.


    In those days Bartwe would do daily development streams which were largely programming (and loud keyboard clicking – the inspiration for The Model M). He wouldn’t save those recordings, so I’d capture my screen to video every day, then scrub the video to find small pieces of gameplay where he’d test something to crop sprites or a glimpse of a json file where I could catch some name/category/description details. That’s why a bunch of the earliest sprites on the wiki are blurry – they were compressed through twitch, then through another video processor before being cropped out.

    在Bartwe(更加老的程序员?很早就离职了)还会每天直播开发进程时(其中大部分是写程序)(伴随着键盘声- Model M的灵感  译注:不明)。他并不会保存那些记录,因此我每天都录下来,然后找到其中和实际玩相关的部分,比如他可能是在测试庄稼的精灵图(译注:感觉是接近图层的感觉);或者是json文件的一瞥,从中可以看到名字/分类/描述之类的细节。因此最开始wiki上的精灵图都很模糊-它们被twitch压缩过一轮,然后在裁剪过程中又处理了一道。

    Once I started helping with development, some of the things which stand out were when Tiyuri and I went through and reworked the crafting table system together (before upgrading there were a whoooole lot more crafting tables) and designing and developing the Floran arena sidequest (with a bunch of balance help from Armagon).


    It’s hard to believe it’s been two years since 1.0 released! Getting Starbound to that point was such an exciting journey, and I can’t wait to see how the game will continue to evolve in the next two years – both through development updates and community content. Aside from the fact that a number of devs came from the community, the reason Starbound is the game it is now is because of years of community creativity and passion. Thanks for all the love you’ve shared for our game!!


    I’ll close it out with some of my favorite fanart – these player chibis by Grace Liu

    (who also created our Chucklefish avatars!)

    让我用我最喜欢的粉丝艺术来结尾吧-Grace Liu的Q版玩家(也是我们的呵呵鱼员工形象的作者)

    ‘Till next time!!



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